Reaching Makkah To perform Hajj

Reaching Makkah To perform Hajj

Islam has five pillars which contain belief in one God, prayer, fasting, charity and Hajj at least once in life span if a person can pay for it. These are the five compulsory duties that every Muslim man and woman must do or have faith in, in order to be a Muslim. One of the five pillars, Hajj is the act of uniting in the holy city of Makah in Saudi Arabia and being a part of processions along with hundreds and thousands of other Pilgrims. It involves a number of acts above a number of days beginning on any of the dates from 8th till 12th of the Islamic month of Zil Hajj. Thousands of trip operators all around the world  Reliable Hajj Travel Packages with Flights, Visa, Hotels and Transport For Muslims Family Birmingham, Engalnd  in order to help people get there and offer pilgrimage. Umrah is a non obligatory pilgrimage that is also performed in the city of Makah but only requires less than half the duties of Hajj.

Where Hajj is based on tawaf which is a clockwise movement around Kaaba, running between the hills of Al Safa and Al Marwah, , sanding on Mount Arafat, stoning the Devil and shaving the head, drinking water from the Well of Zamzam, Umrah only needs tawaf, walking between the hills of Al Safa and Al Marwa and cutting of hair. Millions of Muslims live in UK along with many other parts of the world such as Australia, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Belgium, and North America. Tour operators have made Hajj Umrah from UK easy like never before. Each year, millions of Muslims from all parts of the world try their level best to get there and be the lucky ones to have performed Hajj and/or Umrah but many of them do not get opportunity to Hajj and Umrah packages. This is mostly because the lodging at Makah becomes limited, although it is wide, it can lodge as much as millions. In addition, the places where the acts of Hajj and Umrah are performed are also not so general. Due to rising number of people, many people used to die each year mainly while walking between the hills of Al Safa and Al Marwaha and tawaf. Thus, Saudi government has now made planning which have worked out well and made Hajj and Umrah safe for everybody. A part of these planning is limiting the number of Hajj pilgrims.

But, as pilgrimage is held in high regards amongst the Islamic society, many people try their luck every year but many remain unsuccessful. Tour operators around the world, especially in the UK, have however; very much eased Hajj pilgrimage and people are now able to perform Umrah and Hajj from UK and somewhere else like never before. With the help of these travel agents there is no need to worry about they are here to give you Umrah Experts provides economical Four star hajj 2017 package with family from London with hotel and flight as per your conform. You can get individual or even a family package from them but keep in your mind before selecting the agency that is it authorized by the Saudi Government or not? It is a real one or not and is that company have a good reputation in market nor not?


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