Is the Dajjal Greatest Fitnah for the Muslims?

Dajjal Greatest Fitna

Islam is a great religion which spreads the peace and harmony among the societies but, as well as in the Islam, there are many predictions about the hereafter world. These predictions are quoted in the Holy Quran and the Hadiths, 1400 years ago. Many predictions have been completed such as time will pass quickly etc. and many are remaining.

The Holy Prophet said that Dajjal will be the greatest Fitnah in the world and his arrival is one of the major Islamic prediction. There are several Hadiths regarding the Fitnah of Dajjal. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that,
“I heard the Holy Prophet (PBUH) saying, since the birth of Hazrat Adam (A.S) till the arrival of Qiyamat there is no fitnah much bigger that of Dajjal.” (Muslim)

This Hadith shows that the biggest fitnah will be the Dajjal Fitnah and it comes soon. How can we know that the arrival of Dajjal? Let us see that below,

Arrival of Dajjal in the Light of Hadiths

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that about the arrival of Dajjal,
“There will be 3 tough years earlier the Dajjal. All through them, persons will be troubled by an excessive dearth. In the 1st year, Allah will order the sky to deprived of a third of its rain, and the earth keep hold of a third of its produce. In the 2nd year, Allah will order the sky to keep hold of two a third of its rain, and the earth to keeps hold of a two-thirds of its produce. In the 3rd year, Allah will order the sky to keep hold of all of its rain, and it will not rain a single drop of rain. He will order the earth to keep hold of all of its product and no plant will grow. All hoofed animals will die apart from that which Allah wills. The Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was questioned, what support people during that time?” He said, “Tahlil, takbir, and tahmid this will support them just as food does.” (Jaami)

Protection From this Fitnah

For the protection from the Dajjal Fitnah, the Holy Prophet said that,
“O, Allah! I pursue Your shield from the agony of hell, and I pursue Your shield from the agony of the grave, and I pursue shelter with You from the harm of life and demise, and I pursue Your defense from the harm of Dajjal make as if as Messiah.” (Bukhari)

So, do good deeds to take the protection of Allah and visit the House of Allah with Family Ramadan Cheapest Umrah Tour For 2018 which is most protected place in the world.


What are the Rules of Fasting?

What are the Rules of Fasting

Islam is the most practiced religion in the world. Muslims are present in almost every region of the world and practices the teaching of Sunnah and took guidance from Quran to solve the problems and issues which they encounter in their daily day life.

It is the most asked question by the Muslims what are the rules of Fasting? Can we do this, this, this while we are fasting can we perform such activity while we are in the state of Fast? So today I came here to throw some light on the rules of fasting and tell the Muslims that what are rules of fasting and which things are forbidden while you are in the state of fasting. They are as follow,

Who must do fasting?

Fasting is obligatory in the month of Ramadan to every men and woman as they reach the age of 12 years. Who must fast are as follow,

• Who is not ill
• Who is not traveling
• Who is exceed from the age of 12
• Who is Pak?

If you fall into the above categories then fasting is obligatory on you and if you don’t do fasting surely you are committing sin.

Who must not do fasting?

• The one who is ill.
• The one who is injured.
• Women in their menses.
• One who is traveling.

These are some people to whom Allah forgive the fast but as they got well they have to do fasting and complete the missing fasts after the month of Ramadan. And those who are permanently ill can give the one time meal to poor or needy. They can also provide them with the equal amount of money.

Things are forbidden:

The fasting is not only that you just not have to eat or drink but you have to refrain from the following acts.

• You must not sleep all the time but you must pray to Allah.
• You must not watch movies or etc to amuse yourself to pass the time but pray Allah and recite Holy Quran.
• You must not lie.
• You must not see something wrong.
• You must not fight.
• You must not abuse.

If you will do such things then your fast will not be considered it is not just to refrain from eating and drinking but from all the sins. It is the wish of every Muslim to spend the month of Ramadan in the house of Allah because Umrah in the month of Ramadan has a reward which is equal to that of Hajj. So you must go for Umrah in the month of Ramadan and enjoy the blessings of the house of Allah in this blessed month. Now going to Umrah in the month of Ramadan is much easier because Umrah package online Booking London in this blessed month is quite cheap and easy to get.

Significance of Preaching in Islam

Significance of Preaching in Islam

The preacher is known as Dawah which is Arabic word and means calling people on the way to Allah and His commands. The expert of preaching is recognized as Dai. This preaching is being limited to religious matters only such as scholars preaches the Oneness of Allah, the Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the last Prophet, Believe in the Holy Quran, other prophets, and the Day of Judgement etc. They preach both divine and nonspiritual Islamic orders for sake of improvement of shared persons. They said to remove your past sins just perform Umrah and Hajj with Cheapest December Umrah Packages All Inclusive and become closer to Allah. According to Hadith, which refers to success in future,

“Whoever is questioned about some knowledge that he recognizes, and then he hides it, he will be curbed with a bridle of fire.” (Tirmidhi)

There are two types of the preaching, in first one preacher tries to convey his message to the non-believer about Islam through undoubted dialogue and second type of the preacher are those who preaches the present Muslims through recall them why they sent down on the earth and what are the responsibilities of them according to Sunnah and Quran. But, before preaching, the preacher should have genuineness, comprehensive knowledge, understanding, tolerance, faithfulness, humility, responsiveness and a great follower of Sunnah and Quran. If you want to great preacher, I think you must visit the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah along with Affordable Best Ramadan Umrah Packages 2018 UK and perform the Hajj and Umrah.

Contentment of Moral Duty

One of the most virtues is that carrying people in the direction of the religious obligation and ethics or standards of living. For this purpose, Allah sent down the prophets, leading towards morality. We must do the deed from a blessed perspective as well. Allah Says in Quran,

“And let there be [ascending] from you a nation inviting to [all that is] good, enjoining what is right and hostile what is erroneous, and those will be fruitful.” [Quran, 3: 104]

Follow the Sunnah of Prophet (PBUH)

Allah had given the basic task to all prophets when He sent down which was, call their natives to the commemoration of One Allah and preach them basics morality, standards through the holy instruction. But, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was sent down to the whole world and people follow His Sunnah till the Day of Judgement. We must follow His instructions and invite the non-Muslims in the direction of Allah. Allah Says that in the Holy Quran,

“Say, this is my way, I call to Allah with vision, I and those who follow me. And glorious is Allah, and I am not of those who subordinate others with Him.” [Quran, 12: 108]

So, we must take our duty, why Allah create us and what are our duties and purpose on the earth. Explore the holy places of Saudi Arabia through Low Cost Best Umrah Packages 2018 UK which make your journey unforgettable.

Umrah and Blessings of Quran

Quran is a an ultimate book for the Muslims which gives the most appropriate directions for spending the life in this world and for achieving great rewards in the life hereafter. The verses of Quran are basically the words of Allah Almighty. These verses have been sent to us through Hazrat Jibrael (A.S) and were revealed on our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in portions. Quran is composed of 30 chapters or you can say 30 separate sections. These chapters have the verses for the proper guidance of spending our lives till the Day of Judgement. Although the holy book is full of blessings, but we can increase that blessing by following certain methods.

Umrah and Blessings of Quran
Umrah and Blessings of Quran

In order to gain the full blessings of Quran, one should have a pure intention that he is reading it to please Allah and to know the meaning of the message sent by Allah. One should not read it for showing off to people. Our intentions should be to gain the knowledge from Quran in the best way ever. Before reciting Quran, we should do ablution by following the proper procedure of doing it. Read the proper translation of the verses of Quran and try to understand what the context and background of these verses is. In case you are about to perform the holy obligation of Umrah by cheapest umrah package then read the specific verses that have been recommended to read before doing Umrah.

It is good to read Quran on special occasions but it is best to read it on regular basis. We should make a habit of reading Quran regularly and should also teach our children to read Quran with translation so that they can also feel attached with their religion and can feel connected to Allah Almighty. You will feel an amazing spiritual feeling around you when you will read Quran daily. During hajj with cheapest hajj package you can take blessings of Quran as well. All your Duas will be fulfilled and you will surely gain the maximum amount of blessings by Allah. Undoubtedly, Quran is the most sacred book and Muslims are the fortunate people who have been blessed with the gift of Quran.