Economy Hajj 2019 Packages by Islamic Travel

Economy Hajj 2019 Packages by Islamic Travel

The Hajj takes place in assigned places in Makkah and remains up for five days. Those days are settled every year in perspective of the Islamic Hijri Calendar. Hajj ought to occur in the last month, Zill Hajj. This as a general rule suggests Hajj occurs in the early pre-winter in the northern portion of the globe. Hajj is the 5th Pillar of Islam and it is necessary for everybody to perform it thru Hajj Packages 2019.

Around two million Muslims from around the globe come and assemble in the city of Makkah and participate in a progression of customs foreseen to achieve more noteworthy modesty and solidarity among Muslims. Hajj is additionally mentioned in the Holy Book, Quran in a few spots.

The Main Rituals Performed During the Hajj

• The most outstanding custom is the tawaf, amid which the guests of Allah circle the Holy Kaaba counterclockwise multiple times at both the specific start and the plain end of the Hajj. In spite of the fact that it isn’t so much clear precisely why it’s seven particularly, many trusts it needs to do with the travel of heavenly bodies. Seven is likewise an unmistakable number related with the heavenly in numerous religions, including Christianity and Judaism.

Economy Hajj 2019 Packages by Islamic Travel

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• Different customs incorporate a function where pilgrims toss little rocks at three expansive stone dividers, called jamarat, to symbolize the stoning the fallen angel that enticed Abraham to resist Allah, and the butchering of a creature (more often than not a sheep) to respect the creature Abraham butchered rather than his child.

• The meat is then given to nourish poor people and destitute. Nowadays, travelers much of the time choose to buy tokens to have a creature butchered for them.

• There is likewise a custom called Say’ee, in which explorers stroll forward and backward between the two hills of Safa and Marwah multiple times to recognize Hagar’s unglued look for water for her baby child.

• The main custom that is exclusively identified with Hazrat Muhammed is the moving of Mount Arafat, which is the place Muhammed lectured his last lesson.

So, perform Hajj and Umrah when you find a feasible time and get the maximum blessings of Allah the Almighty.

Generally Asked Questions by Pilgrims Regarding Hajj

Generally Asked Questions by Pilgrims Regarding Hajj

There are five pillars and articles of the Islam religion. When someone accepts the Islam, he or she must believe on these pillars and articles and without considering them a person never becomes a Muslim. Hajj is the 5th pillar of Islam and other pillars are Shahadah, Salah, Fasting, and Zakat. The performing Hajj is the Sunnah and Millions of Muslims come to Makkah and Madinah with Umrah Tour 2018 uk with visa from all over the world every year. Now, let us see the general questions which pilgrims asked regarding the Hajj.

• Muslims on whom Hajj is Obligatory?
• What is Ihram?
• What is Tawaf
• What is Meant by Wuqoof?
• What are the Major Elements of Hajj?

Muslims on whom Hajj is Obligatory?
The persons or Muslims who are financially and physically fit must perform the Hajj because of its obligatory on him after these two conditions. He must fulfill the all rituals according to the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). For them, it is obligatory to perform Hajj at least once in their lifetime.

What is Ihram?
At the place of Miqat, pilgrims wear an unstitched one-piece white sheet of cloth over their body and thought that they are performing the Hajj. In the state of Ihram, you are away or refrain from the unlawful things.

What is Tawaf?
The circling about the Kaaba starting from the black stone, Hajjar e Aswad and then back to it is called Tawaf. The pilgrims do tawaf seven times around Kaaba.

What is Meant by Wuqoof?
When the sun of the 9th Zill Hajj sets till the rises of the 10th Zill Hajj, the pilgrims stay in the Maidan e Arafat is called Wuqoof.

What are the Major Elements of Hajj?
There are some major elements about hajj are given below,

• To wear Ihram
• Optional Tawaf
• Spend a Night in Mina
• Stay in Maidan e Arafat
• Leaving for Muzdalifa and spend a Night on the 10th Zill Hajj
• 49 pebbles, to cast the pillars of Satan
• Sacrifice the Animals
• Cut off the Hair
• Perform Say’ee, after Tawaf and Sunnah Prayer

So, must perform the Hajj and Umrah if you are financially and physically fit and complete the Sunnah of Prophet (PBUH).

Self Improvement Via Umrah

Interesting Islamic Ways to Love Yourself During Umrah

Loving yourself is one of the hardest things of this world. Human beings are so ungrateful that they would start finding ways to vitiate and degrade themselves. They will only look for the negative things and will talk about the things that they don’t have. They will compare themselves with others and will find the things which others have and they don’t have it, which will ultimately give them depressing feelings. Instead of seeing what you don’t have, you should look for the things that you have and others don’t have, this will definitely make you love yourself and your Lord who has blessed you with the things that you can’t even imagine.

Interesting Islamic Ways to Love Yourself During Umrah
Interesting Islamic Ways to Love Yourself During Umrah

Some interesting ways of loving yourself are mentioned in this article so that you can learn to love yourself more. First thing is to feed your soul with the knowledge of Allah. Knowledge is not only the food for your soul, but also for your heart and mind. It is mentioned in Quran that “It is only those who have knowledge among his servants that fear Allah” (Qur’an: 35 :28). There is a close relation between the knowledge of Allah and having fear and love of your Lord. The more you have the knowledge, the more you will love your Creator and that will ultimately help you in loving your own self. Once you have the love of Allah in your heart, it will intrigue to perform the blessed obligation Umrah by cheap umrah packages and you will ultimately start loving your own existence.

Since a healthy mind lies inside a healthy body, so it matters a lot how much you are having the spiritual appetite for your mind so that you can eventually have a healthy body and can love yourself. Apart from all that, you should have a proper diet and exercise so that your body can have a healthy shape. Not only others will love it, but you will love yourself too fro that healthy body. Stay in touch with the people who create a positive feeling around you instead of a negative feeling that will make you hate yourself. Go for hajj as well with cheap hajj packages to explore the true nature of your existence. Your company matters a lot in creating a positive atmosphere. Spread the emotions of love and affection among people, and that love will come back to you in double amount because love multiplies and increases with the passage of time.

Interesting Facts About Camel

Interesting Facts About Camel

Camels are a very unique looking animals that have the specific hump which make them easily recognizable. There are two major types of camels. First one is called Dromedary which have one hump whereas the other types of camel have two humps and they are called Bactrian. Both these types of camels can be treated as domestic animals. The most rare kind of camels are the Wild Bactrian which are about to get extinct due to many different factors. Many people think that the hump of stores water in it, while the hump stores the fat which is later used to utilize the energy of camels.

Camels can have a height up to 7 feet and can have the weight of 1500 pounds. They are created by God in such a way that they are easily adaptable to the desert’s life. They have three eye-lids on their eyes and have two rows of eye lashes which top the sand from going into their eyes. The ears of camel are furry and that fur keeps the dust and sand particles away from the ears of the camel. Apart from their eyes and ears, their nostrils also stop the sand from going to their nose when they breathe. Some days back, my friend will go for 2018 Umrah Packages London, UK and while he was on a trip over there, he saw a different kind of camel which had only one hump on its back. When he research on it, he found out that the camels of Arab are basically the Dromedary ones which have one hump on their back.

The feet of camels are designed in such a way that they can easily walk on the sand. Usually camels can survive without food and water for a very long time due to the storage of fat in their humps which is later on utilized by the camels. The milk of camels contains less fat than the milk of cow due to which it is much healthier. Also, it is rich in minerals and vitamins which makes it a complete food of nourishment of those who drink it regularly. For hajj Muslims do Qurbani during hajj with 2018 hajj Packages London, UK Camels are widely used for travelling purposes and people travel on them in the deserts as the deserts don’t have places from where we can have water, and camels can survive without water for a very long period of time.

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Importance of Muharram in the Islamic Months

Importance of Muharram in the Islamic Months

Islamic month has been really a part of great importance that is somehow associated with the Islamic events for their unique importance in history. As you know the importance of Islamic months like Ramadan. There are lots of blessings that have been associated with this month. We are all here for the specific life time span. There is no one in this world who knows the exact time of his or her death.Therefore, we should spend our lives by contemplating the teachings of Quran. there is unique importance for the history and the Islamic events that leads our brains towards the sanctity of every Islamic month. As in the month of Dhul Hijjah Muslims offer their sacred obligation of Hajj that is the main and the biggest achievement in the life of a Muslim. and for the sake of this biggest achievement you can avail the best Non shifting Hajj Packages for Muslims Community from Birmingham, England. it all depends your plans and desires forhow you want to make your religious moments for you. No doubt it all depends upon your intentions that makes you prominent in the society. and increase your ranks in heavens.

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic Calendar that starts with the biggest sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S. it was the great time for the religion of Islam. As the roots of great revolutions are embedded to it. Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S fought a great battle of Islam that results into the complete light of Islam that has spread all over the region due to its sanctity and truthfulness. Even Yazeedwho was the rival of Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S, indeed the rival of all Muslim Ummah. no body remember him ever as he was not on truth. But the flag of the Islam always find in their due to the great sacrifice of sacred families of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him. Who were very sure about that incident as it was informed through the blessed lips of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him. We should always make prayers for those who made such great sacrifice to enlighten the flame of Islam to its great peak. And that’s why we are the Muslims by birth, no doubt it is the great blessing of Allah Almighty who makes such sources to show His symbols.

Amazing Facts about Azaan


Amazing Facts about Azaan

Azaan is one of the most holy and significant source for the declaration of the Oneness of Allah Almighty which is also known as Tawheed in Islam. The Declaration of Risaalat-e-Nabi (S.A.W) is also seen through the holy example of Azaan. Azaan is the only voice on planet earth that echoes all around the planet in different timings, throughout the day 24/7.The sound of Azaan is amazingly soothing, and creates a peaceful environment in the surroundings of a person.

Unfortunately, many Muslims don’t take the call of Azaan much seriously. Although it has been made to make the Muslims realize the timings of praying to Allah five times a day. We, as a nation, are the most unfortunate nation who don’t realize the blessings of Allah who has gifted us the amazing sound of Azaan that has converted many non-Muslims to Muslims. But we don’t give much notice to the beautiful voice which is calling us towards itself five times a day.

The most practical example of following the teachings of Islam and listening to the call of Azaan can be seen in the most sacred cities Makkah and Madinah. Each year, numerous Muslims travel from all around the world to Saudi Arabia to perform the holy obligation of Hajj and Umrah by availing the Non Shifting Hajj Package with tickets With Luxury Hotels 2017 and when they land in the holy city of Makkah and Madinah, they see how Muslims rush towards mosques on hearing the sound of Azaan.It is that particular time of the year, when we experience the true Muslim culture so closely. Now it is up to us if we want to us if we want to learn from it and follow the beautiful examples of those Muslims or not.If we think about the phenomenon of Azaan deeply, we would realize that each single day, thousands of People say Azaan in Mosques, making it the most listened voice on the planet Earth. This beautiful sound of Azaan will keep echoing till the Day of Judgment Insha’Allah.

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Reaching Makkah To perform Hajj

Reaching Makkah To perform Hajj

Islam has five pillars which contain belief in one God, prayer, fasting, charity and Hajj at least once in life span if a person can pay for it. These are the five compulsory duties that every Muslim man and woman must do or have faith in, in order to be a Muslim. One of the five pillars, Hajj is the act of uniting in the holy city of Makah in Saudi Arabia and being a part of processions along with hundreds and thousands of other Pilgrims. It involves a number of acts above a number of days beginning on any of the dates from 8th till 12th of the Islamic month of Zil Hajj. Thousands of trip operators all around the world  Reliable Hajj Travel Packages with Flights, Visa, Hotels and Transport For Muslims Family Birmingham, Engalnd  in order to help people get there and offer pilgrimage. Umrah is a non obligatory pilgrimage that is also performed in the city of Makah but only requires less than half the duties of Hajj.

Where Hajj is based on tawaf which is a clockwise movement around Kaaba, running between the hills of Al Safa and Al Marwah, , sanding on Mount Arafat, stoning the Devil and shaving the head, drinking water from the Well of Zamzam, Umrah only needs tawaf, walking between the hills of Al Safa and Al Marwa and cutting of hair. Millions of Muslims live in UK along with many other parts of the world such as Australia, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Belgium, and North America. Tour operators have made Hajj Umrah from UK easy like never before. Each year, millions of Muslims from all parts of the world try their level best to get there and be the lucky ones to have performed Hajj and/or Umrah but many of them do not get opportunity to Hajj and Umrah packages. This is mostly because the lodging at Makah becomes limited, although it is wide, it can lodge as much as millions. In addition, the places where the acts of Hajj and Umrah are performed are also not so general. Due to rising number of people, many people used to die each year mainly while walking between the hills of Al Safa and Al Marwaha and tawaf. Thus, Saudi government has now made planning which have worked out well and made Hajj and Umrah safe for everybody. A part of these planning is limiting the number of Hajj pilgrims.

But, as pilgrimage is held in high regards amongst the Islamic society, many people try their luck every year but many remain unsuccessful. Tour operators around the world, especially in the UK, have however; very much eased Hajj pilgrimage and people are now able to perform Umrah and Hajj from UK and somewhere else like never before. With the help of these travel agents there is no need to worry about they are here to give you Umrah Experts provides economical Four star hajj 2017 package with family from London with hotel and flight as per your conform. You can get individual or even a family package from them but keep in your mind before selecting the agency that is it authorized by the Saudi Government or not? It is a real one or not and is that company have a good reputation in market nor not?